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About the Workshop

The "PRIMO Workshop" offers early-career researchers working on topics within the broad research areas of imaging science, machine learning/deep learning and non linear optimization a stage to share their work and network with peers and future collaborators.

This event is strictly related to the recently founded PRIMO (Post-graduate Researchers in Inverse problems, Machine learning, and Optimization) Research Group. The group, which started its activities in Summer 2020, currently counts more than 60 members from different Italian and international istitutions.

Every young researcher in these areas is strongly encouraged to register and submit an abstract for an in-person presentation. The registration is free of charge (but mandatory) and includes coffee breaks and lunches.

The 3th edition of the "PRIMO Workshop", as part of the PRIMO ResearchGroup activities, is a three-day event taking in place in Bari (Italy) and organized by MIδAS (Mathematics In Data AnalysiS) Research Group. The event will take place on September 20-22, 2023 at the Department of Mathematics at UniBa.

Organizing committee: Nicoletta Del Buono, Flavia Esposito, Grazia Gargano, Laura Selicato, Gaetano Settembre.


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  1. Abstract Submission deadline: Sunday 9 July 2023 Sunday 30 July 2023
  2. Decision Notification to Authors: by Friday 4 August 2023
  3. Registration deadline: Tuesday 12 September 2023

     13/09/2023: Timetable and Book of Abstract are available in Schedule section
     09/07/2023: Abstract submission: extended deadline until 30 July
     05/06/2023: Special Issue in 'Journal of Computational Mathematics and Data Science'
     03/05/2023: Keynote speakers abstracts published
     15/02/2023: Registration and abstract submissions opening

Schedule Detail

The PRIMO Workshop will take place on September 20-22, 2023.
Social events are also planned to encourage networking opportunities and new collaborations.

Timetable is available here.

Book of Abstracts is available here.

Keynote Speakers

The PRIMO Workshop is honored to have multiple esteemed keynote speakers who will be joining us for this exciting event. We are grateful for their participation and the opportunity for our attendees to learn from some of the best in the field.

bellavia img

Stefania Bellavia

Dept. of Industrial Engineering
University of Florence

cuomo img

Salvatore Cuomo

Dept. of Mathematics and App.
University of Naples Federico II

gillis img

Nicolas Gillis

Faculte' polytechnique
Universite' de Mons


Submission Form

You can submit abstract for Oral Presentation or Poster Session.

Abstracts must not exceed one page, written in LaTeX using the template available here.

You can submit the .tex or .pdf file with the subject: «Abstract Primo » and include the author’s name as well Poster/Talk indication (by mail to or dropping the file in the box).

Sorry, submission is no longer possible!


Journal: Journal of Computational Mathematics and Data Science (ISSN: 2772-4158)
Special issue: Learning from data: from Optimization to Inverse problems

Description: Over the past decade, machine learning has emerged as a major driving force in the growth of innovation. With the increasing amount of data generated, the research community in this field has expanded rapidly and achieved significant progress in processing and analyzing data. This development has enabled the creation of interpretative models for learning from data that are precise and reliable as well as more effective. The rapid development of learning approaches naturally flows in the requirement for a mathematical formalization and computational analysis of the related issues. These cover several fields of mathematics, from optimization to inverse problems, encountering several open questions in many real applications. Regarding learning approaches, the special issue aims to examine the most recent developments in mathematical and computational techniques for practical applications. It also examines the most recent and cutting-edge algorithms for finding patterns, relationships, and correlations in sizable real-world datasets. The articles in this special issue will then get straight to the main problems with data preprocessing, analysis, and interpretation.

Interest-related subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimization in machine learning algorithms;
  • Inverse problems;
  • Parameter and Hyperparameter estimation;
  • Low-rank methods for data analysis;
  • Image reconstruction;
  • Image processing;
  • Regularization and penalization methods and their applications;
  • Algorithms for feature extraction and selection from real data.

Registration Form

Fill out the following form to register for the workshop.
Info: The social dinner costs €30.

Practical Info

How the reach Bari? Where is the workshop's venue (Department of Mathematics)? Where to stay in Bari? What to see in Bari? Where to dine?

To answer these and more questions we set up a Google Maps with different layers related to several topics.

You can find the legend for the topics below and in the maps.

Workshop Venue
How to reach Bari
Where to stay
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